Dr Natalia Gorenkova (Daphne Jackson Fellow): 'Silk hydrogels for stem cells' 

Dr Frankie Vanterpool:  'Deconstructing the bone marrow microenvironment'

Technical Expert

Anne Goudie: 'Reverse engineered silk for cell delivery'

MRes/MPhil candidates

Sebastian Pearce: 'Intracellular concentration and distribution of lipophilic cations (GlaxoSmithKline-University of Strathclyde MPhil/PhD program)'

Catherine McCrea: 'Silk hydrogels for stem cell delivery'

Simon Tran: 'Silk: an emerging high-tech material for healthcare(Allergan Inc, Irvine, CA, USA and University of Strathclyde)'

PhD candidates

Gemma Egan: 'Silk hydrogels for wound healing'

John Totten: 'Cellular uptake of nanoparticles'

Thidarat Wongpinyochit: 'Silk nanoparticles and hydrogels for drug delivery applications'

William Brownlee: 'Endocytosis and trafficking of nanomedicines'

Osama Ibrahim: 'Mesenchymal stem cells for tissue repair'

Visiting Researchers

Jana Solomun: 'Silk for drug delivery' (ERASMUS+, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) 

Georg Böhme: 'Biological performance of reverse engineered silk' (ERASMUS+, State Academy Riesa, Germany)


Mayank Patel: 'Assessing anticancer nanomedicines (British Council Newton Fund PhD fellow)
Raquel Saborano: 'Impact of nanoparticles on cell metabolism' (MRes, University of Aveiro, Portugal, collaborator Dr. Iola Duarte)
Yasir Jarad: 'Peptide culture substrates for mesenchymal stem cells' (MRes)
Regjina Daberdaku: 'Drug delivery using silk biopolymers (ERASMUS+)'
Andrew Laird: 'Drug delivery using silk biopolymers (Interns@Strath)'